Need An Argumentative Essay On Maintaining Jobs Description Needs To Be 2 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Maintaining Jobs Description. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Updating a job description is vital in the sense that it guides the employers during compensation process. To motivate the employees it is essential to indicate the specific pay that a company offers. Based on the need to enhance the performance of the employees through evaluation and appraisal, it is significant to update a job description.

Job analysis-This is an investigative process entailing observing the employees while undertaking their duties. In this way, managers will acquire wide range of information that is important in determining the structures of the jobs.

Recording the basics-This entails clearly defining the vital functions of every job. One of the notable aspects of a job description is that it should be simple and concise. Other details included during this stage include marginal duties, job title, and section of the job as well as quantity of work that an employee is supposed to undertake.

Consistency-This entails standardizing the job descriptions. In this way, organizations are in a better position to compare the performance of the employees based on the job description. Additionally, maintaining consistency in job description is useful in evaluating the employees.

To ensure that employee’s responsibilities are in line with the job descriptions, it is vital for Marvin the InAndOut Company general manager to ensure that job descriptions are updated on an annual basis. As the company operations expand, employees will be exposed to large number of duties. In this regard, it will be imperative for Marvin to undertake monthly review of the company duties. In this way, he will review the job descriptions to accommodate the new responsibilities. In the future, it will be essential for the company owner and the general manager to regularly hold meetings with the aim of evaluating the performance of all the

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