Need An Argumentative Essay On Outline How And What Types Of Research Methods Ar

Need an argumentative essay on OUTLINE HOW AND WHAT TYPES OF RESEARCH METHODS ARE IMPORTANT TO CRIMINOLOGY. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In criminology, most research methods are quantitative, that is methods that record social life variation in attributes or numbers. Qualitative methods focus on the interpretation of observation therefore subject to bias. Quantitative methods include observation, surveys and interviews. This paper aims to discuss research methods in criminological research, their merits and demerits.

This is research conducted in a way that a subject’s behavior is monitored without any influence. This can be done by studying criminals in confined places and in the field. Field researchers usually get an in-depth view of the subject matter and reach an unusually comprehensive information. There are many disadvantages in regard to this method. First, most criminal activities will be inaccurately measured since some will go unnoticed or reported by other people. Secondly, observing criminals by pretending to be part of their world is highly dangerous and may not work in most situations. This method is highly involving and time consuming, demanding a lot of time from the researcher. The observer also faces dual dangers of over identification with the group under study often testing the limits of the researcher’s commitment to objectivity (Hagan, 2011).

Participant observation method is ideal since a lot of detail is availed to the researcher and is less influenced by prejudgments. This method is highly flexible and less unnatural because it enables the researcher to observe subjects in their natural environment. However, the measurements made by a researcher can be inferred differently by another researcher (McBurney and White, 2011)

Surveys can be used as a measurement of crime where people are asked about their attitudes, beliefs, values and characteristics and experiences with crime. This can be done by sampling, where a number of subjects who are

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