Need An Argumentative Essay On Travel Trade Needs To Be 7 Pages Please No Plagia

Need an argumentative essay on Travel Trade. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The confidential information regarding his profession is also exposed. Though several technological steps have already been taken to track the lost device but future can only say how far such technological adoptions have been effective.

The domain of data security mainly focuses over protection of data both at the personal and professional arena. On one hand the information technology boom has contributed in a great way by helping an individual receive access to the required data, but there is also a high chance that utilization of such information will happen in a wrong manner. Both for law makers as well as administrators, it is becoming increasingly tough to put a stop over the ongoing process of data exploitation. While reflecting over the pervasiveness of such breach of data security, American Bar Association has reflected, “Every week brings another headline decrying the latest large scale data compromise. Payment card accounts, social security numbers, and even medical records, all are fundamental building blocks used by malicious hackers to facilitate identity and financial fraud.” (American Bar Association, 2008, p.1)

However, as the modern organizations have become conscious about incidents of such unwanted intrusions in their database, those also have come up with different defense mechanisms. Though such steps have not been able to stop the incidents of data exploitation entirely, they have made the task a lot tougher for the hackers. Execution of such task becomes easy for them if they avail access to the confidential information through such lost or stolen devices while a person is traveling. Thus, the travel tourism industry is facing one of the major challenges regarding security of a traveler in the way of facilitating data security.

The greatest barriers before tourism industry to provide complete data security to the travelers are the casual approach towards protecting their personal information and lack of enough care

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