Need An Research Paper On Corporate Responsibilities And Marketing Strategies Ne

Need an research paper on corporate responsibilities and marketing strategies. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. It is evident that with the rise in profits the level of social and ethical responsibility rises at the same time in the contemporary world. Thus, in order to keep the privileged position as one of the most successful global businesses, Apple is certainly preoccupied with the task of maintaining their customers and partners. In other words, in contemporary world issues of reputation and strategy arise as crucial elements of corporate success. Therefore, the given essay presents the analysis of attitude demonstrated by Apple Corporation towards its ethical obligations for the society while possessing its marketing strategy nowadays. In this context, it is evident that the corporation needs to ensure its corporate social responsibility conduct to Asian outsourcing companies and accumulate already gained innovative potential in its marketing strategy.

Within its inner structure, Apple Inc. is a unique example of the vertically integrated four-in-one company. in particular, it presents a complex conglomerate of hardware workers, software specialists, services equipment creators, and retail representatives (Vergara, 2012, p. 78). In this context, Apple is an unusual enterprise in its sector, as it is “opposed to another computer, tablet or smartphone companies that only design or make the hardware, and rely on other suppliers to supply the operating system and related applications (or apps), and to sell the product” (Vergara, 2012, p. 78). In other words, the comprehensive internal structure of Apple fully satisfies all its needs connected with innovations, production, and sales. In addition, it enlarges the number of personnel. At the same time, it means the greater responsibility and obligations of corporative management. Even though “Apple is not a manufacturing firm” and “it outsources its production to other electronic.

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