Need An Research Paper On World Bank And International Monetary Fund Needs To Be

Need an research paper on world bank and international monetary fund. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. Though the World Bank is known for its achievements over the past few decades, it has been subject to various criticisms over the years for its policies, functions, and activities. The World Bank is attacked from all sides by critics on grounds that it is not efficient, not accountable or responsible, not democratic or legitimate, and most importantly that the World Bank is not relevant in a global economy which is presently subjugated by private capital, production, and ideas. This paper focuses on the critics faced by the World Bank. Ever since its establishment, it has been subject to various criticisms.

At this stage, it will be useful to give a brief overview of how the world bank functions and what are the divisions of the World Bank. The World Bank is the largest public development institution in the world. The World Bank lends about US$ 25 billion each year to developing countries or various developmental activities with the main purpose of reducing poverty.

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