Need help with my writing homework on Celebrity: Sean Penn. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

eed help with my writing homework on Celebrity: Sean Penn. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Penn is the middle brother of musician Michael Penn and Chris Penn. He and Robin Wright lived together from 1991 until their marriage in 1996. They had two children before their marriage. His daughter, with Robin Wright, is named Dylan Penn (b. 13 April 1991). His son, also with Robin Wright, is named Hopper Penn (b. 6 August 1993). He appeared with his brother Chris Penn in At Close Range (1986), in which their actress mother, Eileen Ryan, played their grandmother. His complete filmography is included in the appendix. Will the real Sean Penn please stand up. There are at least three Sean Penns. First and foremost, there is the exceptionally gifted film artist who has acted, directed and produced movies, documentaries, and music videos. Second, there is the bad boy Sean Penn who was charged with assaulting Madonna when the two were a couple and more recently said that his Haitian aid efforts began with him taking suitcases full of cash to Haiti. Finally, there is a third Sean Penn, the philanthropist, political activist, and an all-around good guy. The latter, many have suggested, is ineffective and self-serving. This dichotomy between a bad boy and good boy, one could suggest, has been the only constant in his image.

According to Drake and Miah (2010), “in the last fifty years or so [celebrity] has been used in a more negative manner, to describe someone famous for not doing very much, and contrasted with the term “hero” denoting someone of more verifiable talent and accomplishment.” Penn has done much and much well in his profession of cinema, however, he is also a celebrity for his very public ‘private’ life.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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