Nonverbal Communication descriptive essay

Task: observe nonverbal communication between two or more individuals. Focus on ONE individual and identify and anaylze specific nonverbal behaviors.


Requirments: You must incorporate terminology and ideology discused in class.


section 1- Introduction: presents a breif overview that includes how the paper is organized. Following this, present and define nonverbal communication and discuss why this concept is useful.


section 2- Body Language & Self-Presentation:

         -Select and discuss 5 nonverbal behaviors observed. They must include: Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture and space.

        -For each behavior selected, you must do the following: 1-State the specific behavior being discussed as a heading, 2-describe and summerize in detail, using CONCRETE language, how the individual used the behavior(i should be able to visualize exactly what you describe.) 3-Analyze WHY the individual acted that particular way for each behavior. What did it mean? What message were they trying to convey? Why did they use that behavior?


Section 3-Conclution: Create and overall anaysis about nonverbal behavior of the individual(s), what did you learn about nonverbal? In what ways did this assignment help you with analyzing messages conveyed through nonverbal behavior.



focus on one male and female having an argument and don’t just say he looked down, you must describe how he used his eyes. must be as descriptive as possible.

example:Her gaze direction clearly showed her intentions. As she confronted him, her eyes were piercing through him as if she was a lioness going in for the kill.  She glared at him intensely, as her eyes widened. Her eyes were so wide that you could see her pupils enlarging. She leaned her head slighting towards him and her eyes darted outward. The emotion in her eyes showed she was brimming with revenge. Her muscles around her eyes hardened, and you could see the disproval within. She continued to maintain this intense hostile stare, until he began to respond. As he began to speak, her eyes narrowed. Her eyelids covered her eyes, almost in a defensive and dissatisfied way.  Her eyes appeared much smaller, and you could barely see the white in her eyes. Her eyes than began to open and blink rapidly in a very sarcastic way. They appeared to be blinking with surprise and disapproval. As she proceeded to interrupt him, the muscles around her eyes hardened once again. Her eyes appeared very rocklike, almost as if she could have turned him to stone. She maintained this very bold gaze at him, which portrayed the power she held in this situation. The animosity she was feeling successfully illuminated from her stormy eyes. 

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