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I need help with my research article paper
here are the objectives:
Identify these clearly, specifically and narrowly. Place in the context of the study’s goals and purposes. What questions are being asked and what are the hypotheses? Identify them even if not stated explicitly in the article.
Why was the study conducted? Consider previous theory and empirical findings upon which this work was based. Refer to other papers as necessary. Indicate how this work contributes to our understanding of mechanisms and/or innovative interventions, versus the stated problem.
Identify the type of research design employed. Was it appropriate to the question(s) asked, context & conditions? Was it related directly to the Specific Objectives? Identify dependent, independent and any confounding variables.
Whattools,techniquesandactivitieswereemployedtoselectthe sample(s),make measurements, collect and record data, control and manipulate variables? Are they valid and appropriate?
What was found and does it answer the stated research question? Do the protocol, research and statistical methods employed serve the fundamental purpose(s) of this study? What limitations exist? What have we learned from this study?
here is the format

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