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College of Nursing

Health Promotion in the Community

Clinical Teaching Plan


  1. If you are working and can teach at work, please complete the assignment report including the narrative analysis paragraph as instructed on the assignment guidelines. (Full report and completed lesson plan)


Date: TBA

Title of Presentation: How to monitor and control their diabetes.

  • Who is the audience for the presentation? (The number of clients expected, age of audience, reason they are together (e.g. members of a Head Start Class, clients with high blood pressure at the <name> clinic)
  • Why is a class on this topic needed?
  • What prior knowledge and/or experience do you anticipate that the expected audience members have on this topic?
  • How have you assessed readiness to learn and what were your findings?
  • What are the educational, cultural, or other unique characteristics of this group that impact the class?
  • How will you modify the environment to promote learning?
  • After the presentation evaluate the process and content. Include analysis narrative paragraph of the audience’s reaction to your teaching. What did/did not work? What would you do differently next time?





Learning Objective Content Methods Evaluation
Learner objectives (2-3 for a 30-minute class) What you will actually teach – Should be directly related to learner objectives? How you will teach each item (lecture, visual aids, demonstration, return demonstration? How you will validate the learning occurred and the objective was met?





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