Nursing homework help

I have a presentation as a group presentation. I want to have 3 slides in PowerPoint that has only the main point with some important information and a Word doc that has all information as complete sentences to present.

It has to be 3-4 mins long.

Our presentation is focusing on two countries USA and Denmark.

HERE IS MY PART:  Where does the food waste happen? (farm, truck, retailer, consumer, etc.).

The other topics in the presentation:

second-person: What is the profile of people in hunger in the US nowadays?

third-person: What is the cause of hunger in the US these days?

fourth-person: What is a “food desert”? What caused “food desert”?

fifth-person: Is it possible to bring the food that otherwise will be wasted to the people in hunger or to the “food desert”?

Here is helpful information from my instructor about the presentation:


Here are some materials and questions for you to start, you need to do more research in addition to the provided material.

Food waste in the US: In the US, a lot of food is wasted from production to transportation to consumption. While so much food is wastes, a large population in the country are in hunger.

Food waste in Denmark: Denmark is the world’s leading country in producing and reducing food waste. One of the unique characteristics of the Danish solution is to continue consuming the food that is “not supposed to be eaten”, e.g. expired food.

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