Operations Management homework help


● To gain a rudimentary understanding of the management consulting industry;

● To make a set of formal recommendations in a professional setting;

● To understand visual presentation of data.


Individual students identify an organization that has disappointed its customers and other stakeholders in a significant way. You are part of a highly paid consulting firm specializing in communication crises. You are part of a consulting team, moving in to regain the trust of disappointed customers and stakeholders. Just for an example of a PR firm that does this kind of work, see Fleishman Hillard.

Assignment Deliverables:

a. Powerpoint Slide Deck

Your client has asked you to present your finding in a Powerpoint slide presentation to the board of directors (or senior management team) of the organization. Your 10-minute presentation (which you will not actually deliver thanks to COVID-19) will tell your clients:

● The precise nature of the problem faced by the organization;

● Three parallel, plausible alternatives available to organization to regain the trust of stakeholders;

● Chosen alternative and specific steps to implementation.

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