Operations Management homework help

Strategic Plan.

Based on the problem identified, develop a 5-year strategic plan for the company. This plan should include:

1. Clear vision, mission statement, and core values.

2. SMART objectives to solve the problem.

3. Corresponding strategies for the objectives identified.

4. Implementation plan.

5. Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress.

• The instructor expects that students will have knowledge of appropriate forms of documentation and use it where appropriate. APA format is required and style of notation to credit all sources that are not your own.

• There is a craft to writing. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and diction (word usage) are all tools of that craft. Writing at the collegiate level will show careful attention to these elements of craft. Work that does not exhibit care with regard to these elements will be considered as inadequate for college writing and graded accordingly.

• Should be submitted in APA format.


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