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Part 1.)
Document and complete the Risk Register in an Excel file. An example or template version can be found attached to this Announcement. Utilize a clear, rational, and applicable mitigation and quality control policy for each risk line item. Also, entail accurate and probable incident response procedures throughout the Risk Register. The Impact Rating can be Low, Moderate, or High. The Consequence Rating is on a scale of 1-5. The Likelihood of Occurrence (LOC) is on a scale of 1-5. The Risk Score will populate automatically. Mitigation Control is simply what could the firm do to possibly prevent the risk from occurring. The Incident Response is what occurs when the risk actually comes to manifestation. What should or could the firm do to respond to the risk once it has occurred . The Incident Response also may serve as a plan for rectification. Do not replicate any Mitigation Control or Incident Response as each risk should be assessed on an individual basis. Meaning, you cannot have the same exact Mitigation Control or Incident Response answer for any two risk as they are all unique in nature.
Part 2.)
Label the initial tab Part 1. Create a new tab within the spread sheet and entail a text box. Fill in the text box with a color to entail the following questions and answers.
1.) In the Finance section, Identify the top 5 risk and explain why they are the most threatening to your firm.
2.) Explain how the risk associated with Information Technology and Finance integrated.
3.) Which Section or Department of the Risk Register poses the greater threat to a company if compromised?
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