Outline AND Annotated Bibliography

This is the week you turn in your outline and annotated bibliography to give direction to your paper (Review the assignment in Module 01.)


Provide a strong thesis statement that outlines the path that your project will follow. Remember to reflect on an argumentative point of view (through an assumption or myth)

  • An outline should support the thesis, listing topics and sub-topics for your project.

Annotated Bibliography:

 Annotated paragraphs for at least 3 sources include a summary of the source, an evaluation, and a description of the source’s usefulness.

  1. Properly formatted using APA guidelines.
  2. Mechanics follow required standards.

Recap of Project Goal:

  • Write an argumentative research paper on a managed care-related topic, assumption, or myth; thoroughly explaining what it is, why it’s important, and how it fundamentally impacts the managed care system today. You will gather evidence to present a well-reasoned argument or debatable issue. The goal of an argumentative paper is to show that your perspective is valid. You are to form reasons, draw conclusions and apply them to your findings. The purpose is not to completely prove your point, but to convince readers, with your evidence, that your argument or position has merit.