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The use of DDT has been banned in the United States because of environmental damage and human health concerns.


However, in malaria-plagued countries such as Africa, the World Health Organization approves the use of DDT for indoor



residual house spraying. Read the following WHO’s Position Statement, “The use of DDT in malaria vector control”.



Link to: WHO’s Position Statement on DDT




Take the position that you work for the World Health Organization, and have been tasked with re-evaluating the current


policies outlined in their Position Statement.


Using the instructions to guide you in your analysis, answer the following questions. Feel free to use additional information


and avenues of information to critically analyze this policy.


1. What types of toxicology data would you need to make this decision?


2. Use the four phases of the disposition of a toxic compound to assess the toxicity of DDT.


3. What types of exposure and response are associated with DDT?


4. Should the WHO continue to approve the use of DDT to combat malaria?



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