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The essay is a personal statement which answers the following questions:

Please edit, reword and organize it, ask me any questions i will do my best, please no new out of line information added use what i provded the last tutor did a poor job of writing it based on the information I give him based on me and made half of it based on him,

Paragrapgh 1. Why I (not you but me the person assigning this essay) selected Occupational Therapy as a career, FIND answers throughout essay, i did not choose it until after volunteering at VNA, and doing research on it, and i love helping others

Paragraph 2. How an OT degree relates to your immediate and long term professional goals. my immediate and professional goal would be along the line of my personality, I’m compassionate, amicable, spontaneous and driven

Paragrapgh 3. Describe how your personal, educational and professional background will help you to achieve your goals.i grew up in a household of medicine orientated, my mom is a social work, my dad a nurse pursuing his PHD, and my sister pharmacist, so helping other is an instinctual thing that comes naturally. education i have taken the required prerequisite for applying into the program, as i am not an occupational therapy yet, i am applying into the BS/MS degree program courses that helped me make this decision are listed in essay already

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