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Children should not be allowed to have a cell phone under the age of 12.
Topic: This speech must have a persuasive purpose—you must attempt to impel your
listeners to action. You may want to propose a plan of action for your audience to carry
out in response to your appeals. For example, if you have convinced us that donating
blood is a good thing to do, you may also want to give us the means and motivation to
actually go to the Blood Bank as soon as possible. Your thesis will most likely be a value
or policy claim.
Research and Content Requirements:
A) At least five acceptable sources must be used in developing the speech
content and appropriately cited in the speech. There will be a 1-point
deduction from the assignment grade for each missing source or
citation, or for sources that do not meet the standard of an
acceptable/credible source.
B) Use at least 5 of the following:
1. statistics
2. examples
3. analogies—metaphor or simile
4. visual aids
5. definitions
6. anecdotes (detailed narrative)
C) Establish your own credibility.
D) Find an appropriate way to tie your topic to the needs of your audience.
E) Turn in a full-sentence outline of your speech no later than your
assigned speaking day (see Chapter 11).
F) Use one of the following organizational patterns. Specify on your
outline which you’ve chosen and why (See text pp. 307-320).
1. Problem-Solution Order
2. Problem-Cause-Solution Order
3. Comparative Advantages Order
4. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

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