Plagiarism Free 750-1000 Words no less than 750 APA format

Imagine that you work for the Peace Corps, and you are responding to a letter sent by the City Council of a small town located in a developing country that lacks ready access to the Internet. In the letter, you need to explain several concepts about the Internet in order for the City Council to make a decision on investing in equipment and access to the Internet for the townspeople. Respond to the following questions in order to elaborate on the City Council’s concerns:

  • What type of information is found on the Internet? Which type of information could be of value to the community?
  • How can members of the community be sure that the information is credible and reliable on the Internet?
  • Please explain the term “digital divide,” and ways the digital divide could be bridged for the community

Write a 750-to 1,000-word letter in which you respond to the questions posed by the City Council.

  • Use APA guidelines for formatting the letter.

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