policy paper

Create a policy paper from the work that is already done (will provide once I picked tutor)

Policy Paper clearly follows the Policy Paper Outline and is representative of the original policy as presented in the interview.

  • Policy paper includes title of policy, policy number; date policy takes effect, responsible office or individual.
  • Paper includes a clear policy statement that outlines the policy for the students chosen topic area.
  • Paper clarifies the reason for the policy, including introduction, background information, list of reasons for the policy, conclusion.
  • Detailed explanation of the persons affected by the policy.
  • Paper contains ideas for implementing the policy.
  • Paper includes comparison with at least two other policies.
  • Paper includes references to other research about the policy issue.
  • Brief summary of the interview contact or other contacts from research or personal recommendations.
  • Paper includes references in APA format.
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