politics and market paper.

There are two paper you need to write.  In both paper, I choose the topic isEPA publishes proposal to reduce power plant CO2 emissions“(check it’s information in the attachment).

USE MLA format. 12pt. double space.



paper 1:

Analyze the problem the agency is trying to solve with its proposal. Is there a market failure that causes the problem, and if so, what is it? What can you say about the size of the problem, quantitatively to the extent possible? 4-5pages.


Audience: An economist trying to understand whether the rule is a problem that likely needs intervention or whether it should likely be determined in the market.


paper 2:


Evaluate the arguments presented in three public comments from interest groups opposed to the proposed rule. [Again, you’ll want to coordinate, and it will be easier if the comments are related.] 4-5 pages.


Audience: the regulatory agency staff. Your goal is to integrate the arguments and evidence in the three different comments into a coherent, but critical, evaluation of the commenters’ arguments. You don’t need to research the limitations of the commenter’s arguments (which you should do for the final group paper), but you do need to note their limitations – inconsistencies, illogical inferences, arguments with dubious support, or those with little or no factual support. Summarize what the commenters are saying (you want to convey their views), but think critically about what they are saying as well.

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