project about information systems

Project For Introduction to Information System (IS101) 10%
Submission and Presentation: 19/11/2020 week 14
PLAGIARISM must less than 10% (more than 10% will deduct half of the total marks)
Deduct half marks from total marks for late submission
1-[[Project Description: Reverse Engineer a popular “Information System” such as:
-UBER -Karim -Amazon -Otlob -SADAD -Absher -Bupa -Tawunia -FaceBook –
EduHUB -On-line Bank (Samba)
-World Online Radio -Apple Store -iTune Store -Ali Baba B2B -FedX -Nike –
STC -Mobily -Zain -VANET
-ALEXA -SiRi -SCADA -Solution Provider -ARAMEX -Sharing Economy Airbnb
-Sharing Economy Task Rabbit -Sharing Economy WeWork -Sharing Economy La ZooZ
-Sharing Economy ARCADE CITY -Saudi Electricity
-Then add an “Extension” to the system
-Implement a small part using any WEB Authoring tool: Example:, Meshup,
Microsoft Azure or any other Web Authoring Tool ]]
2- Instructions:
Students need to work group of 2. Choose any Project Title that related in Information System
(see above) , it can be website. Write the proposal and all the requirements needed as listed
below. You can add any extra requirements in the proposal.
The proposal must synchronize and parallel with the actual system that students will enhance or
expand upon. Below is the most important element that must have in the project and the rubrics.
Creative idea 2 marks
PHASE 1 : PROPOSAL (50 Marks) – Submit softcopy
Introduction (5 Marks)
Audience: What is the targeted user base for your system/website?
Proposed system (5 Marks)
Objective (5 Marks)
Problem Statement (5 Marks)
Project Scope (5 Marks)
Constraint (5 Marks)
Assumptions (5 Marks)
This should include
a. Supported Operating Systems.
b. Supported Browsers.
c. Database Support: Which areas of your website require database support?
d. Feedback: How do you plan to get feedback from your users?
1. Literature Review (5 Marks)
Discuss the current system
2. Design proposed system (Interfaces) (5 Marks)
3. Web pages hierarchy (Site Map): List the web pages of your website.
4. References (2 Marks)
Formatting (3 Marks)
Please use following formatting throughout your paper.
Use News Time Roman
1.5 spacing
12pt font
Justified text (no ragged edges)
Headers have a maximum size of 16pt font
Tables & Figures must be numbered starting at 1 going through the whole document eg:
Tables must have their caption be above the table.
Figures have their caption below the figure.
PHASE 2: REVERSE ENGINEERING (30 Marks) – Submit softcopy
(Draw a Design Diagram of system components and interactions)
Master pages, forms and navigation:
Design and Create a Website pages-forms that contains the following topics covered in the lab:
1.Master page: Create a master page of the chosen Information System.
2. Forms:
Create a page which contains form(s) and use the controls listed below:
a. Standard Controls in the forms:
i. TextBox ii. Checkbox iii. CheckboxList iv. Radio Button v. Button vi. Drop Down List vii. Calendar viii.
b. Validation Controls: i. Compare validator ii. Range validator iii. Regular Expression Validator iv.
Required field validator v. Validation Summary.
3. Navigation: add a navigation solution to your master page and use the following navigation controls:
a. Menu
b. Sitemap Path
1. The logic of the system flow. (10 Marks)
2. The validation of the fields. (10 Marks)
3. The synchronization of the system with the proposal. (10 Marks)
Phase three:
Database and Login Controls:
Design and Create a Website that contains the following topics covered in the lab:
1. Database: add a database that contains at least one table to your website:
a. Create a database using sql server
b. Connect the webpage of your choice to the database
c. View data using gridview and detailview control.
d. Customize gridview & detailview control.
e. Add editing, deleting and inserting functionalities when suitable.
f. Add pictures to your database if required (See Lab 11).
Add reaming pages to your website (the pages specified in phase one)
Final Project / Phase Four:
Website: Present a complete website that contains the following topics covered in the lab:
 Master pages
 Forms and validation
 Navigation
 Databases and tables
The website should meet all requirements specified in phases two and three
PHASE 3: Enhancement/ Extension & PRESENTATION (20 Marks)
1. Add your own touch
2. Design a page or a form for your enhancement/extension
3. Sell your touch to Customers as a new RELEASE of the Information system –
Presentation Skills – (5 Marks)
4. Implementation and Demoand – ( 5 Marks)
5. Conclusion – (5 Marks)
6. Q &A – (5 Marks)
*****************************Good Luck ***************************************