Read the following case study and write a 1-2 page summary based on the prompts that follow.

Elizabeth Jacobs has worked for Mexis Corporation for the past year. Her manager, Bob, frequently gives her compliments about her clothes, hair, and shoes.

This past Friday, Bob told Elizabeth that she was up for a promotion if she agreed to go to dinner with him that evening. Elizabeth is a single parent and needs to make more money. A promotion would help with paying off her debt and bills.


What type of sexual harassment is used in this example? You may conduct independent online research to learn more about the types of sexual harassment. What should Elizabeth do about this situation? Include the following information in your case study summary:

  • An overview of Elizabeth’s case.
  • Key Issues or Problems.
  • Alternatives that Elizabeth can consider.
  • A potential solution to Elizabeth’s dilemma.
  • Your conclusion on the case study.
  • Relevant additional supporting research.
    • Be sure to cite any outside research sources.

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