ready made art assignment 2

Sustainability is one of the new concerns in art and architecture as well as society in general.The artist Tara Donovan takes throw aways as you saw in the video and transforms them into art.There are and have been several artists, including in the text, working with mixed media or ready-mades, and throw aways. Look up Marcel Duchamp and Vic Munoz for some variations.Here is a chance to become one.Materials can be found as simply as looking in your recycling bin. Then post a photo of your work, jpg, along with a small summary about your process and your thoughts on the elements, principles and functions of art as you created it.

20 pts.

Complete by date and time. Be sure to view everyone else’s and respond to 2 posts or more by end of day.

Materials needed: mixed media, adhesive
Create a sculpture project using the additive sculptural method. Assemble ready-made materials such as sticks, light bulbs, cotton swabs, and other items to create a representational form. See Deborah Butterfield’s Conure (page 198) for inspiration.

more inspiration: article on art made from trash