Rebuttals and Refutations English homework help

Anticipating readers’ objections is one way to determine what other sections to include and support in your paper. Practice writing a rebuttal or a refutation by taking your thesis and considering the point of view of someone who believes differently or even the opposite of the argument you are making. Post a paragraph that summarizes an oppositional point of view to your thesis.

Professor instructions:

This is kind of fun and can also be a bit goofy;I want you to rewrite your intro/thesis ( see attached doc) from the opposite POV and post your 4-5 sentence paragraph here.
With some topics, it may sound sensible, and with others, it may sound ridiculous.That’s OK. This exercise stimulates the neurons in your brain to interact a bit differently and helps to create new ideas.

Note: please see my original intro/thesis attached.

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