reflective journal 2 day 1 watch the news for reports of extreme cases of behavior in order to fin

Reflective Journal 2

Day 1

Watch the news for reports of extreme cases of behavior in order to find evidence that news analysts overemphasize drastic cases of reporting the news. Does reporting acts of terrorism, for instance, lead us to a distorted perception of the views of the average resident of the terrorists home countries (e.g., Arabs, Muslims, Serbs, etc.)?

Day 2: Think about the schemas or mental frameworks that you have. For example, are there certain foods that you just refuse to eat or perhaps refuse to even try, restaurants that you refuse to go to, places that you absolutely would never visit or even a distaste for dating someone with a certain name. When you see certain groups of people, do you automatically have thoughts about their character, educational status, economic status, etc.? What do you think contributed to this schema? Remember a schema can be anything!

Day 3

Think about your religion or political party affiliation. How did you decide on your religion of choice? What about the political party that you support? What other things have you adopted from your family that you never really thought about it but just assumed that it was a necessary or required thing to adopt?

Day 4

Do you have any old schemas or mental frameworks that you chose to disregard? Have you decided, for example, to adopt a religion that is separate from the one that you family practices? Are there other family or cultural traditions that you have decided to go against? Why or why not?

Day 5:

Today try stepping outside of your box. Today try talking to people that you normally wouldn’t talk to or eating foods that you typically would not eat. Think about all of the schemas that you have and try disregarding at least one for today. Write about your experience. How did it feel?

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