research paper annotated bibliography

The research paper will done on ” The internet as a tool of political or social protest”.

Developing an APA formatted annotated bibliography helps you prepare for your research project as you critically read your sources and gain a fuller understanding of what has been presented on your topic.

Please complete the following:

  • Develop an annotated bibliography that lists at least 10 sources including books, book chapters, refereed journal articles and other published sources you expect to use in your paper.
  • After each source, you should in no more than 75 words, briefly summarize the argument of the source and assess how useful the source is for proving your thesis statement or for making a particular argument.
  • The sources should be cited using current APA format. Please consult APA resources to assist you in writing an annotated bibliography. (Links to an external site.)

Refer to the rubric for grading criteria.

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