Simulation Review

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Simulation Review


Complete a simulation and then write a paper that analyzes the decisions you made. You are in charge of fictitious health care organization facing financial difficulties. In the simulation, you will complete the following tasks:


•           Bridge a working capital shortage.

•           Evaluate funding options for acquiring medical equipment.

•           Evaluate funding options for capital expansion.


Part II

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing and analyzing the decisions you made in the simulation. Answer the following questions:

Phase I: Capital Shortage

•           Which cost-cutting options did you select? Why?

I picked Downsizing staff: because downsizing will still keep the skilled nurses and technician. It changes the work flow but they are still allowed to keep their benefits.

I also picked changing the skill mix: this allows the nurses to delegate simple task other places while constraining on the complicated tasks.

•           Which loan option did you select? Why?

Option 2: I thought this interest was less and would have a bigger pay out

•           What was the outcome of your decision?

I should have picked option one because option one saves the company in the long run

Phase II: Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition

•           Which cost-effective equipment selections did you make? Why?

For CT-Scan and Ultra sound I picked Operating lease this way if anything breaks or an upgrade come along the company will replace or fix the equipment. These two thing are constantly changes over years’ time. For x-ray I selected new loan because this doesn’t change that often.


•           What was the outcome of your decision?

Wrong treatment I want the one that works best with an organization.

Phase III: Funding Options for Capital Expansion


•           Which source of funding did you select? Why?

I picked Hud 242 loan insurance program, because the net present value is higher and because it has the lowest budget rate.

•           What was the outcome of your selection?

I picked the best one


Summary and Conclusions


•           What did you learn from this simulation?

Good cash flow is essential to every organization. What how its important to pick the best EHC

•           What would you do differently if you performed the simulation again?

•           How will you apply what you learned at your current or future job?


Support your ideas, analysis, and conclusions with references to scholarly external sources, such as the textbook and journal articles.



Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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