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Part 2 – RESPONSE TO MERCER REPORT, 2019 Global Talent
Trends (20%)
Students will read the Mercer Report, 2019 Global Talent Trends and answer questions.
Part 2: Mercer Report
Students will read Mercer’s Report: 2019 GLOBAL TALENT TRENDS and answer the following questions:
1. Page 2, Figure 2, TOP HUMAN CAPITAL RISKS. According to the article, which three human capital risks do you think are impacting most enterprises in China? Why do you think these three human capital risks might be occurring?
2. List two other human resource issues that might be impacting employees at their workplace.
3. Page 11, MICROSOFT| EXPERIMENTS IN A PLATFORM FOR TALENT, what did Microsoft do to embrace a worker-friendly approach? Explain if you think enterprises should consider
Microsoft’s approach. .
4. Page 22, Figure 13, CURATION TRANSLATES NOISE INTO CONTEXT, “What helps employees thrive at work?” Regarding “what is important to employees” what are the differences and
similarities between Canada, China, Germany, and Globally? List two reasons why employees’
opinion might be different based on the country they live in.
5. Page 37, would you describe your current employer as a traditionalist, a change agent, or a
revolutionizer? Explain.
6. In your own words, what does the term “strategic human resource management” mean to you?
Answers to the Mercer Report will be typed, singled spaced, approximately 4 to 5 pages. Please ensure your answers are thorough. No title page is required. (15% for the answers; 5% for grammar, spelling, etc.)
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