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Sociology and Pedagogy

Course Lesson Plan Template

Your college has asked you to develop a lesson plan for the Principles of Sociology course you wrote about in Topic 2. Using the information in the “Course Design Criteria” you used in Topic 2, create a lesson for the course that assesses at least one of the course competencies listed below.

Use the lesson plan template below to complete the assignment:

Course Title & Description:

Principles of Sociology- This is the first course in the Bachelor of Science in Sociology program. This course presents an overview of the concepts, theories, and methods used by sociologists to explain the effects of social structure on human behavior.


College Course Competencies: Select one of the competencies below:

1.1:      Describe how social factors in society influence individual behavior and the development of the social self.

2.2:      Analyze research data to make sociological claims.

3.6:      Analyze the role of religion and its effect on society.


Required textbook for this course: Our Social World: An Introduction to Sociology.



Using the selected course competency, create a lesson that assesses that competency:

Lesson Title:


Learning Objectives: List three lesson objectives and align them to the competencies you are assessing.


Duration of the lesson: (i.e., one day, one week, two weeks.)


Materials/Resources: (i.e., Textbook chapters, PowerPoints, worksheets, websites, videos, library) List what resources you will use for this lesson:


Anticipatory set: Explain how you will remind students of prior knowledge. (50-75 words)


Learning Outcomes: Describe the preferred student learning outcomes. (50-75 words)


Learning Theories: Citing two scholarly sources, explain which learning theories you will use to ensure your lesson contributes to student learning outcomes. Connect the theories to your students’ needs. (100-150 words)
Assessments: (formative and/or summative) Citing two additional scholarly sources, explain how you will address your students’ needs in your assessment design. Align your assessments back to your objectives. (100-150 words)
Learning Activities/Tasks: Describe the type of activities you will have students complete in this lesson. Align them to your objectives. (50-75 words)


Facilitation Method: Citing two sources, explain how your facilitation of the lesson will engage students and measure understanding. (75-100 words)


Classroom Management: Citing 2 scholarly sources about classroom management, explain your classroom management methodology and how it will address all your students’ needs.  (75-100 words)





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