Some history question

Here are some history questions, need to answer in 3-4 sentences. Regardless of the time difference, I need them in 2 hrs. 

Connection and Separation in the Ancient World What were the main routes of trade in the Afro-Eurasian world? What was carried on those routes? (Hint: think beyond just material goods.) How did the expansion of long-distance trade change the places that were connected by trade routes? How were the societies of sub-Saharan Africa connected to other areas of Afro-Eurasia? How did those connections affect the African societies?  Why was the Atlantic not a major conduit for trade in the period we have examined?  How were the societies that developed in the ancient Americas similar to and different from those in Afro-Eurasia? What explains the similarities and differences?  What kinds of continuities do we see in the various cultures that rose and declined in Central and South America during this period?   

The Empires of Han China and Ancient Rome How did the Han dynasty compare to the Qin — did they emphasize continuity with the Qin or discontinuity? How did the Han dynasty try to establish and maintain their authority in China? What were the challenges that they faced, and how did they try to overcome them?  Why did the Han dynasty fall? How does their end compare to the ends of other dynasties/empires we’ve seen? How does the Roman empire compare to the Han (in terms of origins, politics, culture, growth, decline, etc.)? How did Rome shift from being a republic to being an empire, and what were the consequences of this shift (on Rome/Romans and on the conquered areas)? Was Rome an empire before it had an emperor? Is that possible? What is the best way to explain the declines of the Roman and Han empires?  What similarities and differences do you see between the Roman and Han empires? What causes the similarities? The differences?   

Universal Religions and the Middle Ages What do historians mean by “universal religions” and what are some examples? What makes them “universal”? How do Christianity and Islam compare to the systems of ideas (religious or philosophical) that we have considered? How did the different contexts where (and when) Christianity and Islam first emerged affect the development of each? 

How did the beliefs of Islam and Christianity shape their respective societies? What accounts for the fracturing (religious, political) of the Islamic world in the medieval period? How did the Christian and Islamic worlds compare in the middle ages?  How did members of each of these two religions coexist in the middle ages? What accounts for periods of peaceful coexistence and violent conflict? In what ways did Christianity begin to recover in the later middle ages, and why? With what consequences? How do we explain the origins of the Crusades? What do we know and not know about the events of that period? What kinds of sources are available to us and how should we read them? 

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