summarize 3 articles

Please summarize the attached article. The article can be written in a_x000D_
narrative form and should not exceed ¾ of a page.  It should be written in_x000D_
clear, simple language.  Your summary should discuss the purpose for the_x000D_
article, how the research was conducted, the results and other pertinent_x000D_
information from the article. Be sure to determine how the article is_x000D_
relevant to the work we do and how the information might be used in_x000D_
clinical practice._x000D_
        When writing your summary, please keep the following points in mind:_x000D_
• You must receive approval in advance from Rita to summarize articles._x000D_
• Your summary must be submitted in WORD format, as a WORD document._x000D_
• We will be publishing your summary in a future staff and/or family_x000D_
• You must provide complete citation information (see below)._x000D_
Write a citation for the journal article at the top of the summary.  The_x000D_
citation should follow the American Psychological Association’s style (see_x000D_
sample below).  You will need to include the title of the article, the_x000D_
journal where the article is published, the volume number, the issue_x000D_
number, the publication date, the author’s name and page numbers._x000D_
Sample citation in APA format:_x000D_
Jones, S.H. (2010). Playing the piano: Ten easy steps. Young Pianist, 90_x000D_
(11), 88-90.

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