Terrorism Assignment

National Prevention and Protection Frameworks: Core Capabilities   For this assignment, imagine the following scenario:   

 Because of your technical and academic expertise as a college graduate and your experience in this arena, you have been tasked with producing a brief presentation to be used as an organizational or departmental training tool regarding the National Prevention and National Protection Frameworks. Specifically, you have been tasked with producing a presentation based on your research as well as current available information from industry and government publications regarding these frameworks’ core capabilities as they relate to your specific area of responsibility (AOR) and public safety mission: emergency management of terrorism.  

For this assignment, reference the required reading from this unit as well as other course reading assignments and your own independent research to create a PowerPoint presentation at least 10 slides in length. Start by briefly addressing and evaluating the core capabilities of both frameworks:  • intelligence and information sharing,  • screening,  • search and detection,  • interdiction and disruption,  • forensics and attribution,  • planning,  • public information and warning,  • access control and identity verification,  • cybersecurity,  • physical protective measures,  • risk management for protection programs and activities,  • supply chain integrity and security, and  • operational coordination.   Then, as the majority focus of the presentation, provide a more in-depth analysis of one or two of the core capabilities that are of greatest interest or relevance to you in terms of your current or desired position.  You many use various sources, including your textbook or other scholarly material such as academic, governmental, or industry publications. Feel free to also apply knowledge that you have learned in this and previous lessons, selected readings from this unit, and academically appropriate sources