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Thank you for your post About Medicaid and Alabama. According to the United States Medicaid website  Alabama has adopted CMS guidelines for enrollment in Medicaid (Medicaid, 2016). In 2014, Alabama reported 17 out of 18, and 9 out of 10 healthcare quality measures for children and adults respectively. In comparison to other states, the percentile ranking for the child healthcare measures vary widely, ranging from the .1th percentile to the 98.6th percentile.  Adult core measures range from the 4th percentile to the 90th percentile. To put these rankings in overall perspective, the Public Citizen Health Research Group ranks the Alabama Medicaid program as 42nd in the country (Wolfe, 2007).  In the eligibility category, which Public Citizen considers the most important, Alabama ranks last.  In scope of services, quality of care, and reimbursement, Alabama ranks 49th, 7th, and 25th respectively. Although Alabama spends close to the per capita average on health care it spends substantially less on Medicaid than the national average (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2009). Alabama spends $4,847  per enrollee per year whereas the national average is $6,833 (Ballotpedia, 2016). As per the table below Alabama spends less than many of its southern neighbors (Ballotpedia, 2016).



Total spending*†

Per enrollee*†













United States




Despite these glum statistics, there is some room for optimism about the future of Medicaid in Alabama. Alabama’s governor is pushing for Medicaid expansion, more case managers, more visit based payments, and regional care organizations (Douban, 2015).








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Thanks for your post. As a skilled nursing home operator with nursing homes in Alabama and that deals with Alabama Medicaid, I was particularly interested in your representation of the progam. The resource limit in Alabama for patients and providers is quite low (as you point out), even compared to other proximal states.


As a company, were watching very carefully potential upcoming state budget cuts that could further cut Medicaid services to providers and patients, specifically in areas related to drugs, prescription drugs and dialysis. (1) This is a hotly contested issue especially considering the lower socio-economic status of many in the State and the large number of Medicaid recipients in Alabama. The article about the cuts went on to include sections of a letter written by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, the Academy of Pediatrics and the Alabama Academy of Family Physicians:


““Alabama Medicaid is the backbone of our state, supporting the health and welfare of the young and elderly citizens that physicians have pledged to protect during their medical careers,”


Thanks for informative post.




(1) Lyman, Brian, Alabama Medicaid Budget  Worries Health Care Providers, Montgomery Advertiser (part of USA Today Network), April 16, 2016, retrieved from




Sample 3




Thanks for your post. I found it to be quite interesting.


As a nursing home provider who used to operate in Illinois, one of the main reasons we sold our assets there and left the state was because of Medicaid. The funding of providers relative to dates of service provision is approximately 6 months later, making it next to impossible to meet expenses without securing outside lines of credit. For us as providers, it was just too much to bear and we exited the State.


 I read your posting with great interest, wondering if the experienced of Medicaid recipients in Illinois is comparable to that of providers in the program. I particularly focused in on what you wrote about long term care and the clumsiness of the website…it was almost a metaphor lol.


“… the Illinois sites were clumsy and not well organized in particular to locate specific long-term care needs. Even trying to follow the application links were awkward as well as difficult to understand. This would prove to be very problematic for an elderly person or one with disabilities and short-term memory loss.”


As in any State, Medicaid always seems to be a hot potato in Illinois state budget negotiations – resulting in further cuts to Medicaid – as it is in other states. Last years budget battle was no exception. (1)


Great post.






(1) “Rauner Unveils Budget Illinois Can Afford — Major Cuts to Medicaid, Special Needs, Local Government”,  Chicago Sun Times – Chicago News, Feb 28, 2015, retrieved from


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