Them Damn Pictures

Them Damn Pictures

Using complete sentences, please respond with 3-5 sentences to each question below (12-20 sentences total), based on the Reading: “Them Damn Pictures”

1. In general, how did immigrants respond to Americanization? (Be specific and use examples from the reading.)

2. How did the concept of “Americanization” inform the material that comic artists and newspapers published?

3. In the reading, Yaszek describes “The Yellow Kid Takes a Hand at Golf” and analyses how three different groups (those who believe in the inferiority of immigrants, middle-class progressives, and immigrants) would have likely interpreted the comic. Briefly summarize the author’s analysis of these three groups’ reactions. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s analysis? Why?

4. At the beginning of the article, Yaszek quotes William “Boss” Tweed as saying “Stop them damn pictures. I don’t care so much what the papers write about me – my constituents can’t read. But Dammit, they can see pictures.” Why would 19th-century comics concern big bosses and politicians? (Please also utilize your notes from the lectures this week).