Week 9 Environmental Health System

Week 9 Environmental Health System

Week 9: Air Quality

*Numbers correlate with end of chapter questions


  1. Describe how ground-level ozone can be harmful to our health while ozone in the upper stratosphere plays an important role in protecting our health. (1/4 point)







  1. Describe what is meant by a temperature inversion. Explain how temperature inversions contribute to the creation of smog. (1/4 point)







  1. Refer to the diagram that shows the anatomy of the human respiratory system (Figure 10-17, part A, page 257). Which parts of the respiratory system are most likely to be affected by fine particulate matter? (1/4 point)







  1. Explain the difference between sick building syndrome and building-related illness. Describe the sources of indoor air pollution that can affect human health adversely. (1/4 point)







  1. Define what is meant by greenhouse gases and describe how they contribute to the greenhouse effect. (1/2 point)




  1. Define the term global warming and present arguments for and against the proposition that global warming has occurred during the past century. What environmental outcomes have been attributed to global warming? (1/2 point)