Write a 37 pages paper on the impact of mentoring on beginning teachers schools

Write a 37 pages paper on the impact of mentoring on beginning teachers schools. 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) legislation recommends methods on how to implement recruiting, preparing, and training improvements for teachers. The proposal is based upon the basic principle that teaching excellence is vital to improving student success. Using funds from the NCLB legislation, school districts have the support and flexibility necessary to improve educational attainment through such initiatives as providing high-quality training for teachers based on scientific research. In return, states will be held responsible for improving the quality of their teachers.

One of the researched-based approaches to improving teacher quality is integrating mentoring components into induction programs. Research shows that induction programs that include mentoring are highly effective in transitioning teachers from being a student in a university to the leader of a classroom. Well-designed mentoring programs increase retention rates for new teachers by harnessing the full potential of skills, maintaining healthy attitudes, and providing an outlet for emotions (Boreen, Niday, Johnson, Potts, 2009).

As part of the NCLB mandated procedures President Obama said, “New teachers will be mentored by experienced ones” and vowed to, “treat teachers like the professionals they are while holding them more accountable” (National Journal, 2008). However, what are the details of this mentoring program? On average, the novice teacher sees their mentor one hour per week. What impact do four hours per month have on the novice teacher? Mentors and their mentees need to have set times per week to meet during school hours so the mentor and mentee can have meaningful collegial conversations, observe, and co-teach together. If we are to retain quality teachers, we need to provide them with the skills and tools they need to be successful in the classroom.

Statement of the Problem

Schools across the nation are challenged by the NCLB legislation to place a highly qualified teacher in every classroom. This challenge has proven to be very difficult for most schools.

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